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Project Summary

In November 2011, 501tech was contactedby a board member (and CIO for one of our in-kind partners) to assist LIFE Senior Services with an assessment of their technology infrastructure. That assessment revealed a pattern of underinvestment that represented a significant impediment to the anticipated implementation of an Electronic Heath Records (EHR) solution. Thanks to an in-kind donation from Spirit AeroSystems, 501technet refurbished and redistributed more than 100 PCs replacing units seven to eight years of age. Their email function was migrated on a pro bono basis to Microsoft’s Office 365 (a solution offered for free to nonprofit organizations), which eliminated the need to upgrade their email server. We also provided Venture Funding support for consulting services (through our partnership with Avirodha) to assist with the evaluation and selection of an EHR software solution.

Beneficiaries Of

Consulting Services, Venture Funding, and Hardware Redistribution

Project Detail

The third phase involves establishing a long-term strategy for implementation of a system to provide information and data for agency programs. 501tech is sponsoring a discovery engagement designed to document our current system and processes with Avirhodha Consulting… The services provided by Tulsa Community Foundation’s 501tech have been invaluable, with cost savings to date estimated at $100,000.

Laura Kenney
Executive Director - LIFE Senior Services
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