The 501tech staff offers the nonprofit organizations we serve more than 150 years of collective IT experience.

Erick Cortes

Tier 3 Client Support

Erick joined the 501tech team in December 2011 after successfully completing the Network Administration Program at Tulsa Technology Center. Erick enjoys improvisational acting, writing and community outreaches. He also is involved with overseas Humanitarian and Medical missions work.

Caleb Fauss

Tier 2 Client Support

Caleb joined the 501tech team in June of 2017 after successfully completing the Cyber Security Program and the Windows Server Administration Program at Tulsa Technology Center. Caleb is a lifelong Tulsan who enjoys reading, video games, and generally being a nerd and proud of it.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Director of Client Services

Ryan was born and raised in the green state of Oregon so he is a diehard Duck’s fan (his tattoo is the proof) He graduated from OSU with his bachelors in MIS and has a passion for working with non-profits. In his spare time he is cleaning up after his two wirehaired Dachshunds, Miss Dandy and Mr. Derby.

Joseph Foster

Tier 1 Client Support

Joseph started out at 501tech as an intern through TTC in February of 2017. Two months later, he was offered an official position, and gladly accepted. Joseph graduated from the CCNA program offered at TTC, and took one year of Network Administration. Even though he graduated, he is still a student as he is constantly learning…

Michael Freeman

Tier 1 Client Support

Joined 501tech in Aug of 2018. Graduated from OSU with an associates in MIS in 2014. I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter and I am an avid Radio Controlled & Racing enthusiast. New to the non profit scene but enjoy and look forward to making a difference in the lives of those who truly need it.

Kevin Jefferson

Tier 2 Client Support

Kevin was introduced to 501tech in March of 2017 as an intern through the Goodwill TulsaWORKS Career Academy, joining the official team in July of 2017. Kevin enjoys learning new things about technology on the job. He likes to spend his spare time with friends and family… but not on Sundays, those days are reserved for Church and Football. Cowboys Nation!!

Jonathan McClure

Tier 3 Client Support

Jonathan joined the 501tech team in April of 2018. He studied to be an archaeologist and really wants to be a writer. How he fell into working in IT is a long and convoluted story, but he enjoys helping people solve their problems enabling them to get back to their import work.  

Colin Neil

Tier 2 Client Support

Colin joined 501tech in December 2017 a year after completing a year in the Windows Server Administration program at Tulsa Technology Center. Colin is also studying to get his CCNA at Tulsa Technology Center. Colin enjoys helping out at his local church, reading, playing video games and learning.

Jesse Nuñez

Tier 1 Client Support

Jesse joined the 501tech team in June of 2015 bringing 5 years of IT experience from Dell and the US Military. Jesse moved from California to OKC in 2008 and found his way into IT. In his off time he enjoys cooking, camping, sculpting, drawing, and reading.

Jason Pope

Tier 2 Client Support

Jason joined the team in January 2018. A 2001 Tulsa Technology Center graduate, he was a computer repair and networking Major. In 2017, he was diagnosed with stage 3 head and neck cancer. Through his time in recovery he discovered a passion to be a part of something bigger than himself. Now cancer free, he…

Daniel Varnell

Tier 3 Client Support

Daniel joined the 501tech team in August of 2013.  He moved to the Tulsa area from San Antonio in 2000 and has over a decade of IT experience, including three years in the nonprofit sector. He enjoys learning new things, particularly in regards to technology, and has been a passionate football fan and a San Francisco…

Christina Ward

Director of Development

Christina Ward joined the 501tech team in March of 2017. She earned her Bachelor of Science from NSU and has over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector. Her passions include volunteer management, fundraising, and donor communications.

Michelle Wigington

Tier 3 Client Support

Michelle Wigington joined the 501tech team in March of 2013 while completing the Cisco Certified Network Professional program at Tulsa Tech. She has competed and won national competitions in networking, but enjoys all things technological, both at home and in the workplace.

Diane Naylor

Redistribution Program Support

Diane joined the 501tech team in January of 2019 and is bringing over 10 years of experience in retail and inventory management. She is passionate about serving her community and helping non-profit organizations. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, watching sports, listening to music, and having fun with her two boys.

Levi Mayes

Redistribution Program Support

Levi joined 501tech in April 2018 after volunteering since 2017. He loved our mission so much that he wanted to join the team! He’s an accomplished chef with an associate’s degree in science of culinary and also enjoys camping, hiking and playing disc golf with his two sons Easton and Elijah.

Marie Grace

Tier 2 Client Support

Marie joined the 501tech team in February of 2019, bringing over 18 years of IT support expertise to our Oklahoma City office. With degrees in Computer & Information Technology and Training & Development, her passion for helping empower people to utilize technology is a great asset to our team!  Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, gardening and loving on her 5 (soon to be 7) grandchildren and 2 dogs.

Aaron Curtis

Tier 3 Client Support

Aaron joined the 501tech team in August of 2018.  He brings over 15 years of IT Support experience in a variety of business sectors.  He’s earned his Associate’s degree in science and has secured his CompTIA A+ Certification, as well as two Microsoft OS Certifications. He’s passionate about animals and over the years, has adopted…

Gina Bradford Executive Director 501Tech
Gina L Bradford

Executive Director

  Gina is a native Tulsan with a passion for all things Tulsa and tech. Gina is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science. Gina has held senior level IT jobs at American Airlines, British Petroleum, and Pennwell Corporation.  Gina has been involved with 501Tech since 2013…

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