Nonprofit leaders and staff are most effective when singularly focused on their missions, and empowered by – rather than distracted by – the technology meant to serve their organizations. They are as dependent on technology as their for-profit counterparts, yet they invest in technology at a significantly lower rate. This lack of investment inevitably creates a drag on organizational capacity and limits social impact. It is from this understanding and reality that 501tech was born.

Founded in June 2010 by Tulsa Community Foundation, 501tech employs a “shared services” model – used in the for-profit world for many years to leverage economies of scale – to give nonprofit organizations the same benefits. Indeed, the rigors associated with leveraging a shared services concept across multiple, autonomous organizations are extreme, but the value is proving to be significant.

Through the generosity of our network of donors and partner discounts, 501tech stimulates nonprofit investment in technology by offering:

  • Support services at 50% – 70% off market rates
  • Access to products and services at dramatically reduced pricing made available through exclusive volume based purchasing agreements with our partner discounts
  • Refurbished industry-standard hardware donated to us by our in kind donor partners



501tech is a program of Tulsa Community Foundation

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