Can you imagine a world without technology?  These days, we often feel “disconnected” when we are without our cell phones, tablets or access to email.  And, while it may be nice to take a break now and then … to ‘deliberately disconnect’ … technology helps us do more, reach more, and accomplish more. No question, in the for-profit world, technology and in-house expertise helps businesses go much further, faster.

For nonprofit organizations, which frequently lack the in-house skills and funding to properly invest in technology, the end result is very different and the impact is much more severe. Inefficient use of technology – or, worse yet, lack of technology – can mean fewer people served, fewer funds raised, fewer volunteers recruited, and so much more. Simply put, deficiencies in technology can directly affect an organization’s mission and dramatically limit social reach and impact.

At 501tech, we are committed to helping nonprofit organizations reach more people, provide more services, and impact more lives by providing affordable technology support services and products. We invite you to learn more about our Programs.

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